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Increase the efficiency of your service department and track it's performance without having to do any extra work

Imagine being able to increase the efficiency of your service department and track it's performance without having to do any extra work. The Desktop Dispatcher will not only create and track service work orders, it stores them upon completion for building service histories and reports. The program will automatically show you the service history of each customer as you enter a new call for that customer. At the same time, the program is tracking all the information associated with the call to build reports. How would you like to see how much a particular technician earned last month? No sweat, it's already done. This and other reports are built for you without having to retype a thing. Now add the ability to sync your jobs with techs in the field. With the iPhone, iPad and some model Blackberries, your techs can update you as to the status of their current job (parts used, status changes, notes, photos and signatures) and get any new jobs you entered since the last time they synced with the office.

But what about your customer lists? When your entering a new call, the program lets you look up that customer from your list and then enters their name and address onto the work order for you. If you already have a list of your customers on computer, you will probably be able to import it right into the program. But that's not all! The Desktop Dispatcher lets you store PHOTOGRAPHS and AUDIO NOTES about your customers and their equipment. Imagine this, you have a new technician in the field and he/she has just called with a problem they are having with a particular piece of equipment. With The Desktop Dispatcher, help is just a mouse click away. When you click on a button linked to notes on that customer, you could be looking at a photograph or even listen to previously recorded notes about the equipment in question.

Now imagine the alternative with The Desktop Dispatcher, Dispatching Software:

You could do all this the hard way by continuing to add to the mountain of paper you already have. BUT, how long would it take you to dig up a call that was completed months ago, or find the average income a technician generated per hour, or even dig up those notes you had on that troublesome thingamabob? With The Desktop Dispatcher, this could have all been done in less time than it took you to read this paragraph. All with no extra work.

Donna Kent - Clean Septic Service, LLC-

"We are in the Septic Pumping and Septic Inspection business and really needed to bring our software into the 21st century.  We were always in fear that at any moment we could lose our customer database because we really did not have a reliable backup, and due to the antiquated program we were working with at the time.  Even if we did have a backup, we would have never been able to get it restored, how scary is that!  Mark with Custom Desktop Solutions was able to personalize our program, which involved managing both services and merging the two at the same time.  We are also on a server now so I don’t have to worry about losing my information, and I can log into my program from anywhere.  Mark was able to carry over our 35K plus customer database into the new program, create a report for our inspections, and be able to create an email reminder for our pumping customers (which saves us a ton of time, as we use to send out postcards which was so time consuming).  Mark was very professional, and personable throughout the whole process.  He took the time in getting to know how & what our company does which allowed him to “custom design” our needs in this program.  I would highly recommend Custom Desktop Solutions!"

Tom Maheras - The Hood Doctors

" The time savings from using TDD is amazing.  We have been able to increase productivity from office staff without having to add new hires.  Customer service and support is top notch, no other solutions come close.  Truly an amazing product."

Carlos Toro - Security Lock and Safe

Constent Organization is key, for progressing and not becoming victim to the perpetual motion of this fast paced, and rapidly blooming Locksmith field.  As ones business grows, they are in need  of well needed additions and upgrades to their systems.  We ran in to that situation, and became nervous attempting to find something that was as fluent and user friendly as the specially created dispatching system we had before, it met it's last functional breath.  

As we searched, we where introduced to Desktop Dispatcher.  Of course, at first we where skeptical about the whole thing, but gave it a chance.  As the more time I was able to explore through it, I was able to see the many different functions that it possessed, and seen the benefit the company can gain from it.  That was the beginning of a great relationship.  The capabilities of TDD was exactly what was needed for us.  I feel a whole lot more comfortable knowing that I can access all our info, and that same info is available to all  the tech, while they are on the job.  I am glad that we decided to go the route leading to TDD.  And if any one was to ask me for directions to the land of dispatch organization, I can comfortably give them accurate directions to TDD. 

Javier - Almac True Value Hardware

Hi. My name is Javier form a company called Almac True value Hardware we provide a Handyman service in, which we use desktop dispatch for our outside work as will in store repairs. We been using Desktop Dispatch for the past three year and it has been a blessing, compared to the way we use to do dispatch it is a huge time saver. Back in the days we had a very large work board were we posted the jobs  for the week now we have two weeks of jobs  on a couple of strokes of keys on your keyboard from your pc on the corner of your desk . Never mind the space you are saving in the office walls, how about the file space in your cabinets to your archive space in your basement. Now all of those jobs are fingertip away. With history on all yours customer so you can see your previous jobs done for that customer. Tracking your technician to job site and getting direction for site to site, it is a time saver all around. There are some new upgrades with the use of an iPhones or blackberry phone. I cannot wait to get started on that. Desktop Dispatch has made a different in our business. I have and will keep recommending The Desktop Dispatcher to all.

Barb Eddy - Moore Building Mechanical Services

Mr. Fleming is always available and helps me with whatever problem I maybe having.  He has helped me with custom changes to the program that made my job easier as well as came up with ideas to save the company money. 



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